PT Indo Eksplorasi Media (indoXPLORE) produces high-quality documentary programs, corporate videos and news features for Indonesian viewers as well as the global audience. We also provide one-stop production support for international broadcasters and documentary filmmakers in Indonesia.

indoXPLORE is tapping into a growing demand for Indonesian-led production houses that cater to international media outlets aiming to tell the Indonesian story well. Our wealth of experience in news-gathering has also proven to be useful in our work with corporate clients in putting together effective video content for the media and the general public.

Our presence amid the vibrant media landscape of the world's fourth most populous nation comes at a historic time. Indonesia has been hailed as a new Asian powerhouse alongside China and India. As the country finds its rightful place in the global stage, indoXPLORE will help the world understand the rebirth of a nation from an Indonesian perspective.

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The Bellezza Office Walk #355
Jalan Letjen Soepeno No. 34 | Arteri Permata Hijau | Jakarta 12210 - Indonesia
Office : +62 21 2991 6092 | Fax : +62 21 3048 5510 | Web : www.indoexplore.com
General info : info@indoxplore.com